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Helsinki Briefing: It’s All About the Money – Corruption as a Brake on Balkan Recovery

| Martina Hrvolova and partners from the Balkans present statements at a briefing hosted by the U.S. Helsinki Commission on Capitol Hill, on December 3rd 2019.


Democracy That Delivers #151: Corrosive Capital and Putin’s Dark Ecosystem with Brian Whitmore

| Brian Whitmore, Martina Hrvolova, and Ken Jaques discuss Russian malign influence campaigns and how they are developed to undermine democracies.


Democracy That Delivers #177: Josh Rudolph on Malign Finance Loopholes in Party Financing

| Martina Hrvolova and Josh Rudolph discuss the issue of party financing from foreign sources, focusing on some country examples and channels.


Corrosive Capita in Central Asia: Perpetuating Poor Governance

| Situated between Russia and China, the leaders of Central Asia have had to balance their young countries’ political interests with strong historic and economic ties to Russia and increasing commercial ties to China.


Building a Market for Everyone: How Emerging Markets Can Attract Constructive Capital and Foster Inclusive Growth

| In the past 30 years, the world has seen remarkable growth in investments across borders and international supply chains.


CIPE Corrosive Capital Report Highlighted in Fox News Editorial

| James Jay Carafano of the Heritage Foundation discusses how China uses “corrosive capital” to undermine the rule of law and threaten democracy.

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