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Mitigating Governance Risks From Investment in Southeast Asia

| A Study of Chinese Capital Flows to Six Countries.


Channeling the Tide: Protecting Democracies Amid a Flood of Corrosive Capital

| CIPE uses the term “corrosive capital”™ to more clearly label financing that lacks transparency, accountability, and market orientation flowing from authoritarian regimes


US Senate Committee Hearing on Foreign Relations and Chinese Corrosive Capital Mention

| A September 17 Senate Foreign Relations Full Committee Includes Corrosive Capital Mention by Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Julie Chung.


Russian Economic Footprint in Ukraine

| The report analyzes Russia’s changing economic footprint over the last decade; how Russia has exploited Ukraine’s governance gaps to exact influence on Ukrainian society; and how Ukraine can prevent the corrosive effects of Russian capital.


The Fate of Globalization in the Post-Coronavirus Era by Deputy Regional Director Eric Hontz featured on The National Interest

| CIPE's Deputy Regional Director of Europe and Eurasia, Eric Hontz, featured on The National Interest. Read the full article for insight on the fate of globalization and COVID's long-term impact on trade and the global economy.


Why Corrosive Capital is a Danger to the Future of Eastern Europe?

| Natalia Otel Belan, Regional Director for Europe and Eurasia, Eric Hontz, her Deputy Director at CIPE, and CIPE partners participated in the event, “Why Corrosive Capital is a Danger to the Future of Eastern Europe” Listen to their insights


Russian Economic Footprint in the Western Balkans

| A network of CIPE partners from Bulgaria, Montenegro, Serbia, North Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina – have examined the extent and impact of Russia’s economic footprint in the region.


Liberal Views and Responses Worldwide: Be Aware of Be Next

| Martina Hrvolova, Program Officer for Europe at CIPE served on a panelist of speakers for the event, “Liberal Views and Responses Worldwide: Be Aware of Be Next.” Listen to the full recording to hear her insights.

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