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Mitigating Governance Risks From Investment in Southeast Asia

| A Study of Chinese Capital Flows to Six Countries.


Channeling the Tide: Protecting Democracies Amid a Flood of Corrosive Capital

| CIPE uses the term “corrosive capital”™ to more clearly label financing that lacks transparency, accountability, and market orientation flowing from authoritarian regimes


Corrosive Capital and Serbian Mining

| BBC News published an article covering CIPE and the Center for Contemporary Politics’ research into Chinese copper mining investment in eastern Serbia.


CIPE partners, Ruslan Stefanov and Martin Vladimirov, Publish New Paper “Deals in the Dark: Russian Corrosive Capital in Latin America”

| This report analyzes Russian strategic corruption efforts relevant to two Latin American democracies—Argentina and Bolivia—which experience recurring governance challenges common to other states in the region.


Corrosive Capital Mentioned in a European Western Balkans Article

| CIPE's concept of "corrosive capital" frames an opinion piece by Tena Prelec. The article is featured on European Western Balkans' website.


Term “Corrosive Capital” Used in Woodrow Wilson Center Webinar

| In a recent webinar “Force Multipliers? U.S. and Taiwanese Interests in Latin America,” the CIPE-coined term ‘corrosive capital’ was used by Julie Chung, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs.


Roads to Nowhere: Chinese Highway Investment in North Macedonia

| This research paper examines trade relations and economic engagement between North Macedonia and China. It includes an assessment of how Chinese investment in the country affects its governance and exploits governance gaps.


Favoured Friend: What is the Benefit for Serbia in the Sale of RTB Bor to Chinese Zijin?

| This report examines the 2018 privatization of Serbia’s mining and smelting complex RTB Bor by a Chinese company Zijin and its functioning in the past two years.

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